Best Wave Brush to get that perfect 360 Hairstyle 2020

We often ponder over which brush would serve us best. But the final answer depends totally on us since we all might develop different likings to different products.

There is not a single answer when it comes to brushing your hair since everyone has got their own sense of style, preference, hair texture and features.

Many are crazy about the wavy hair trend and that is where the wave brushes come in to fill the void and offer elegant styles which are bound to transform you into the center of attraction at every party.

Brushing has a huge role to play in determining the quality of your waves since they will come out faster in sync with the superiority of the bristles. Paired with the right tools, you can easily master the 360 waves style within a few days of time.

Today, we shall take you through 10 best wave brushes of 2020 which can be used for a long time to make way for elegant and neat waves.

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Things To Consider While Shopping For A Best Wave Brush

You can make your hair look and feel like oceanic waves by adapting the right waving technique. This style is already a hit amongst both men and women who are filling up their social media feeds with the wavy clicks. But for pulling it off like a pro, you need the company of the best wave brush. But make sure to consider the following points to gain the most out of your wave brush purchase:

  • Bristles come in an array of types and all of them cannot serve as the best friend of your waves. Brushes having medium to firm bristles can help you in maintaining neat and elegant looking waves. Extremely soft ones can cause your waves to become uncontrollable and frizzy while the super firm ones stand at high chance of scratching and damaging your scalp and hair texture.
  • If you don’t wish to let your wallet bleed time and again then it is always advisable to stick to durable brushes which won’t require frequent replacement. Cheap brushes might seem to be pretty appealing initially but with repeated usage the bristles shall fall off. Thus it is advisable to conduct necessary research before buying the brush which shall be in sync with your grooming needs.
  • The shape of the brush has a huge role to play in gaining the most out of its potential since there is no point in buying a brilliant brush if it cannot be held on to with comfort. A contoured brush works magnificently while combing through your hair from all angles.
  • Feedback of fellow users acts as a guidance since it can revent us from committing similar mistakes.
  • We all have a budget in mind when we think of bringing home a brand new wave brush. But the best thing about these grooming tools is that they are not overtly expensive and yet pack in maximum features and functionality in their compact frame.

1. Curved 360 Waves Brush by Brush King – Torino Pro #350 

Considered to be one of the best medium wave brush, the Torino Pro 350 works equally well for detangling, straightening and setting your hair to make it look great every single day.

This versatile brush which adapts easily to all hair types can be used for creating magnificent waves with minimal effort. The natural boar bristles of the Torino Pro wave brush promoteshealthy hair growth and prevents breakage and splitting, the resultant being healthy and shiny locks.

Although not meant for long hair, the Torino Pro 350 contours to the shape of your head thus paving way for better pull and more coverage. Its pointy tip isolates the hair crown for increasing blood flow and circulation of oil amongst the hair follicles.

This detangler can also be used amongst children without having to worry much about their scalp getting hurt. Customers have reported improved wave depth after using the brush for just one week.

Its medium bristles can do a fantastic job of stretching out curls thus smoothing out coarse hair after a good brushing session.

The brush can take on medium to coarse hair waves and is the perfect accessory for wolfing. But make sure to avoid forks at the root level for perfect wave development.

2. 360 Waves Brush by Brush King – OG Classic Torino Pro #8551 

Manufactured using the highest quality boar bristles; the Torino Pro 8551 ensures that your end look manages to turn heads every time you walk down the hall.

Devoid of any nylon or fillers, this premium brush provides supreme contour and can easily fit in the palm of your hand so that you can straighten your manes in a hassle free manner.

It gently massages the scalp while laying the hair down and adds an amazing shine with repeated usage. Raging from its blonde bristles to the painted logo and body polish, the 360 Wave model radiates a plush aura from every corner.

This wave brush is also known to diminish hair fall when combined with daily hair care routine and make it more manageable on the go.

Given its soft bristles, it does not fail to astound us with the praiseworthy pull which is perfect both for travel and daily grooming sessions.



  • Perfect for hair of all lengths.
  • Soft bristles tailor-made for fresh and low cuts.
  • Smoothens loose hair strands which are otherwise vulnerable to breaking.



  • Bristles lack adequate density.
  • Brush surface prone to scratch marks which are hard to camouflage.

3. Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 by Brush King

This highly sought-after brush made using natural boar bristles can cater to your diverse styling requirements whether you just had a fresh cut or are passing through the wolfing stage.

The medium texture and soft bristles of the Torino Pro#490 leads to faster results from the very first day.

Gone are the days when you were required to spend hours ahead of the mirror for getting the waves of your dreams.

All it takes is just a couple of minutes and the backing of the TorinoPro#490.

The brush contour is such that it offers maximum coverage by aligning automatically to the natural shape of your head.

Its pointed tips also aid in isolating the hair crown for efficient circulation of hair oil and creation of a ripple-wave pattern.

The Torino Pro#490 can thus serve as the ideal gifting option to your friends or relatives having thin as well as low-cut hair.

The brush is also famous for stroking its soft bristles on your scalp for lubricating your hair shaft and increasing blood circulation.

It becomes easier to use the brush coupled with its ergonomic handle while the protective box ensures safe storage once you are done using the same.

The protective box also carries various tips on taking care of the hairbrush and grooming your hair like the popular NBA players.



  • Provides maximum coverage which in turn leads to faster results.
  • It becomes easier to exercise styling control coupled with its handle and pointed tip.
  • 100% boar bristles make it tailor made to create 360 waves.
  • The brush curve contours to your head’s natural shape thus offering better grip and more coverage.
  • The crown of your hair gets isolated by the pointy tip which leads to better hair development.



  • Might not be very good for catering to long hair.
  • Bristles tend to fall off pretty easily.

4. Curved 360 Waves Brush by Brush King – Torino Pro #370

This soft bristle boar brush brings along paramount comfort while creating stylish and long lasting waves without harming your sensitive scalp. Having a pull similar to medium brushes, it can create crown waves with maximum amount of firmness.

Users have reported about natural waves pop, improvement in wave depth and extra shine after repeated usage. Its bristles perform a fantastic job of stretching out curls after a potent brushing session.

The pointed tip of its bristles is perfect for working around the crown area while the curve aids in maintaining your connections.

The premium looking brush comes with a glossy paint which looks durable enough to take on even the roughest of usage. This A1 brush offers complete value for money with its dynamism which can take on both lay hair down and fresh cuts with equal ease.

It also covers a large quantum of surface area courtesy its curved design which can make the crown look excellent once the users get the right angles. Its grip and glide also offers maximum satisfaction while the long bristles allows the hair to unleash its maximum curl length potential.

The Torino Pro 370 has also curved out a niche for itself in the market for wave brushes with its hair straightening and detangling capabilities.

This Brush King product maintains the sheen of hair by evenly redistributing natural oils which in turn boosts up blood circulation and promotes hair growth.



  • Comes with enough firmness to take on the crown area.
  • Natural waves and extra shine with continued usage.
  • Comfortable handle for easy grip.
  • 100% natural boar bristles.
  • Soft bristles do not harm thinning or fine hair.
  • Inculcates hair growth through its gentle scalp massaging action.



  • Does not come with any warranty.
  • Bristles might fall off if your hair is too coarse.

5. Curved 360 Waves Brush by Brush King – Torino Pro #450 

The Torino Pro 450 stands out as one of the best 360 wave brushes given its extra-long medium bristles made from nylon and reinforced boar. If you find its price a bit on the higher side then wait till you use it for the first time.

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You are bound to feel the difference as soon as the bristles touch your head and lays down elegant waves with utmost ease. Considered to be a great brush to start a wolf, these curved beauties provide best in class coverage as you feel each stroke pulling every single strand of hair separately.

The Torino Pro 450 helps in connecting the waves better and paves the way for elegant and classy swirls.

Its medium bristles glide smoothly along your hair without scratching your scalp or damaging your hair.  The ergonomic design of the brush aids in easily pulling the hair towards the desired direction where you wish the hair to lay.

Powered by this dynamic brush and optimal hair care routine, you are bound to be swimming in waves within a matter of few weeks. Whether you just had a fresh cut or are at the wolfing stage, this high quality brush with its mixed bristles can contour to perfection.



  • Ergonomic design and attractive glossy black look.
  • Aids in achieving the perfect look with minimal effort.
  • Penetrates all layers of hair.
  • Contours to the head for better grip, more coverage and enhanced pull.



  • Not meant for long hair.
  • Bristles tend to fall off pretty fast.

6. Wav Enforcer “Spin” Wave Brush

Abrasive hair call for special attention and treatment and that is exactly where the Wav Enforcer brush comes in with its 100% natural boar bristles which maintains its durability even when you style thick hair.

The bristles do not damage your hair while you engage in latest wave styles in spite of coming off as pretty stiff. This has made the spin brush a favorite amongst people who have unmanageable and frizzy hair.

The compact sized brush features a wooden handle which is very easy to carry around. Its ergonomic design aids in styling of medium to low cuts. The thick bristles flush away excess oil and plague build-up which can otherwise cause your hair to become lackluster.

It is also perfect for removing flakes and dandruff which are infamous for jeopardizing your look while you try to create those perfect waves. The bristles also aid in improving blood circulation to maintain volume and shine of your hair.

The compact sized brush can be the perfect tool for styling your beard even when you are in a hurry.



  • Highly durable design.
  • Stiff bristles perfect for thick and coarse hair.
  • 100% natural boar bristles and wooden handle.
  • Natural hair oil gets evenly redistributed to keep the hair glowing like never before.
  • Improves blood circulation and massages scalp gently to stimulate hair growth.



  • Long handle might not fit perfectly in your travel bag.
  • It can feel extremely stiff at times especially if you have itchy or sensitive scalp issues.

7. Curved 360 Waves Brush by Brush King – Torino #530 

Quality needs to be your foremost concern while shopping for the best wave brush and the Torino 530 can be a great option if you wish to maintain the elegance of your waves.

Crafted using natural boar bristles, this wave brush can improve your scalp’s blood circulation without causing much damage to your hair.

The TP530 can take on all the stages of waving ranging from fresh cut to wolf by pulling better in comparison to other hard brushes plying the market.

Its longer bristles are ideal for drawing out the natural hair oils and pulling your waves. A top pick of NBA players, rappers and top YouTube Wavers, the Torino Pro 530 can make the waving drill lot easier so that you can save greater time to check out the trendiest waving styles.

These superior quality brush promises faster progress with its bristles which do not lean. This wave brush minimizes breakage and frizzes thus securing its rank amongst out list of top 10 wave brushes. It also minimizes hair loss and adds volume to your mane.



  • Ergonomic design aids in easy grasping.
  • Does not hurt the scalp and brings along great pull.



  • Ends might crack with repeated usage.
  • Improper placement of bristles.

8. Brush Strokes Extreme Wave Concave Military Boar Brush

While shopping for a wave brush, it becomes extremely important to give adequate importance to quality and you can be assured of the same while purchasing this Brush Strokes hair styling accessory.

Its concave bristle surface can easily contour to the shape of your face and head for ushering in a premium styling experience.

Measuring 5×2.5 inch, this wave brush crafted using boar bristles can guarantee maximum ease in hair styling when compared with the traditional military style boar brushes available in the market.

Its continued usage can also bring along substantial improvement to your scalp’s blood circulation without damaging your hair.

This versatile styling aid can take on various stages of waving starting from a fresh cut to wolfing as it ensures a better pull.

This top favorite of YouTube wavers, rappers and NBA players help in drawing out natural hair oils thus making waving seem a whole lot easier.

You can also benefit out of massive savings in time which can be redirected towards picking up the latest waving styles on the radar.

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This superior quality brush also minimizes breakage and acts as a potent force for fighting against frizzes thus adding to the volume of your mane.



  • Has the perfect strength although it does not come off as being too harsh.
  • Shape contours nicely to the scalp.



  • Extremely small sized brush.

9. The Mane Brush

According to dermatologists, hair brushing ushers in surprising benefits which is why it is considered to be a form of dry shampooing.

You can easily clean your hair from depositions of catarrh and uric acid which tend to become encrusted over the scalp region with time.

This is exactly where the Mane Brush comes in to cater to your hygiene metrics while helping you in achieving beautiful wave patterns.

The soft bristles of this versatile brush help in effective distribution of sebum around your hair cuticles so that it shines from within.

Measuring at around 5 inches, this brush sits comfortably on the palm so that you can carry out your haircare routine with greater precision.

A firmer grip is guaranteed by its light wood finish and little recess on both the sides.

Its 100% boar bristles can also prove to be highly effective in taming fizz and turning the spotlight on you at all times.



  • Medium soft bristles make it the ideal choice for those having thin hair.
  • 100% boar bristles ensure optimum durability to this wave brush by preventing the same from falling off.
  • In spite of being soft, the bristles can penetrate the hair follicles and accentuate blood circulation in the scalp for healthy and shiny hair.
  • Curved handle is crafted using maple wood which doesn’t get lacklustre even after being used for long.
  • Curved design contours efficiently to various head shapes as well as the palm of your hand.



  • Not meant for coarse and thick hair.

10. Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush D8115

Beautify your crowning glory with the Diane Club Brush which is crafted using firm bristles on one side and 100% medium boar bristles on the other.

It thus helps us in enjoying the best of both worlds with its diverse possibilities. The 100% boar bristles make it the ideal choice for layering and polishingyour mane to nail those wavy curls sported to perfection by NBA players.

Its firm design renders best results when used over fresh cuts and while flattening frizz.

However, it is not advisable to use this brush for combing long hair as that can lead to further tangles.

The brush feels pretty sensitive on the scalp and initiates a gentle massaging action which is imperative for initiating your blood circulation.

You can also bid adieu to frequent bristle loss coupled with its advanced implantation technology.

Whether you wish to form wave styles or smoothen out your manes, this brush can serve as your ideal ally at all times.

It is best suited for medium to coarse hair and can impart a healthy shine with regular use as it circulates the scalp oils optimally.

The two-sided brush features an ergonomic handle which makes using it seem like a breeze.



  • Can smoothen out the hair’s cuticle.
  • UV coated brush stands protected against routine wear and tear.
  • Can help in getting rid of tangle.
  • Adds up to the shine of your mane with continued usage.



  • Not meant for long hair.
Types Of Wave Brush

Wave brushes come in an array of styles and shapes. You should make the final selection depending on the combination of classy style and maximum comfort rating.

The Round Brush

It can be the perfect pick if you wish to maintain the smoothness of your waves while adding volume simultaneously. It can maintain the neatness of medium to long hair while making you stand out of the crowd with that wavy crown. These smaller sized brushes rank high in portability given their small size and are perfect for users who travel pretty often.

The Paddle Brush

This is comparatively larger in size and is perfect for keeping your waves free of frizz. These versatile brushes have a flat and wide design making it easy to be held and used.

The Vented Brushes

These brushes speed up the hair drying process by allowing air to pass through. You can create long lasting waves with these brushes which are perfect for shorter manes.

Double Sided Brushes

It can cater to versatile requirements with its 2-in-1 architecture which helps users in switching between bristles on the go without having to carry along an extra brush.


Creating perfect waves is no rocket science if you have the backing of the best wave brush available in the market. Just ensure that the brush does not end up inflicting damage to your hair follicles while you are trying to create the perfect wave. Rather than blindly following trends, it is much more fun to experiment with styles yourself to see which one suits you the most.  Medium brushes are perfect for fresh haircuts. It can also serve as a soft brush during the wolfing stage and a hard brush when your hair is low. Hard brushes are mandatory for wolfing since it aids in increasing the depth. At the end of the day your comfort and style matters more than the brand. So if you find a new brand doing wonders without burning a hole in your wallet, we would love to know about it.