Top 8 Most Efficient Space Heater – Buying Guide 2020

Reliably, it feels like winter slithers out just as you’re getting to relish autumn. With the start of winter comes the conceivable appearance of below zero temperatures which requires a good quality heater. The advantage of space heater is that rather than hoping to warm up your entire house through other expensive means, you can simply rise temperature of a single space, for instance, your room, bathroom, basement, office etc., almost everybody can utilize them, as their advantages and cost-to-warmth proportion are definitely justified even despite the speculation. Nonetheless, if you have to get the most efficient space heater then you should read on.

Before thinking about whether an energy saving electric heater will fundamentally cut back your energy cost, first think about what you are right now utilizing and different other options. Gas heaters, oil furnaces, heat pumps and high temp water boilers are mainstream systems introduced. These systems require standard gas or oil refueling and, now and again, utilization of power to keep the motor running.

Here’s are high efficiency electric heater types:
  1. Radiant– Straightaway warmth. Ideal for warming individuals directly before the heater. Some have fans.
  2. Ceramic– Gradual heating. They’re portable, ideal for mobility from room to room. Majority have fans.
  3. Oil-filled– Slowest to warm. Ideal for long-lasting warmth of a whole room. The oil stores heat, so keep on heat after turned off. Calm since they don’t have fans.

The key question is which most efficient space heater is for your purposes? The Guide will help you choose high efficiency electric heater.

.Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater
♥ Remote controlled.

♥ Easy to move around.

♥ Large room electric heater.
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NewAir AH-450B Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater
♥ Mobility

♥ Most energy efficient

♥ space heater.

♥ Noiseless operation.
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HONEYWELL Slim Ceramic Tower Heater
♥ Most cost effective space heater.

♥ Reliable and safe.

♥ Great interface and ease of use.
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Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater
♥ A timer allows you to turn off the heater automatically.

♥ The user can choose the operating temperature.

♥ This heater quickly heat up the room.
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COSTWAY Oil Filled Heater
♥ Compact and portable.

♥ Quickly heats up the room.

♥ Built in Thermostat.
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De'Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater
♥ 5100 BTU’s of Heat 1500 watts

♥ Adjustable thermostat
♥ Wall mountable by removing wheels
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Unique Heat 1500-Watt Electric Infrared Room Space Heater
♥ Better heat distribution.

♥ Excellent temperature control in room.

♥ Air stabilization.
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Tenergy 900W/1500W PTC Ceramic Heater
♥ 2-year warranty with lifetime support
♥ Compact portable size.
♥ Can easily adjust fan angle.
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Top 8 Most Efficient Space Heater

1.Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

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On the off chance that you’re searching for an improbable auxiliary heating solution for your home, at that point the Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater with Humidifier may simply be the most efficient space heater for your needs. This is a heater that accompanies every one of the highlights that you might require an oscillating fan and a humidifier just as being the option to give you soothing warmth making it the most efficient space heater.

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This heater is equipped for warming a room of up to 1000 square feet in size. On account of the great infrared quartz tube inside the warmer, it can create significantly more warmth than different models from elective makers. This model have the option to furnish your live with a lot of warmth and solace. It is appraised at 52,000 BTU.

A high pressure and low clamor fan, fixed into the cabinet of this heater, be certain that the warm air will be viably conveyed around your room without expecting to stress over horrendous noise. On account of a helpful and removable filter.

This heater highlights a remote control feature, enabling you to control the temperature of the heater and different features including the humidifier and the oscillatory fan. An inbuilt humidifier, which creates a cool mist all around the room. Rather than utilizing a water tank, the humidifier utilizes a bottle, which can be replaced with the goal that the water can be filled up rapidly.


  • Infrared heat won’t dry the air.
  • Humidifier boosts up moisture to the air in winter.
  • An oscillating fan can also be used without heater functionality.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Large room electric heater.
  • The digital front display to see the setting on which heater is operating.


  • A very high cost to run space heater operating at full scale.
  • Requires a high quality extension lead to stop the fuse from being blown.

2.NewAir AH-450B Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater

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There is no danger of mishap or inflaming with this heater. NewAir Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater works without flares or fumes. It is quiet when operating, and it is ideal for individuals experiencing some sleeping issues. It has a flexible indoor regulator, and it is a perfect sealed unit. At the end of the day, you can’t supplant the oil or add to it. You can change the wattage relying upon what suits you. There are 3-levels of power on it operates – 1500W, 900W, and economy making it a very energy efficient room heater.

This energy efficiency portable heater can warm up the space up to 150 square per feet. Furthermore, it has wheels that make it simple to move around making it best portable heater for home. The NewAir AH-450B electric oil filled space heater highlights 5-distinctive temperature settings and a 10-hour clock timer. It is ideal and very energy saving space heater for any room in the house. It’s a corded heater. Furthermore, because of an inherent overheat protection system. It is convenient and doesn’t take an excessive amount of space.


  • Protection from overheating.
  • Remote control feature.
  •  Mobility
  • Most energy efficient space heater.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Most economical space heater.


  • Heavy (19.2 pounds)
  • Raise the temperature slowly.

3.HONEYWELL Slim Ceramic Tower Heater

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Honeywell is another very well-regarded brand of devices, so it’s not appallingly astounding that they’d offer a ceramic heating solution. It is a best energy efficient space heater, fit for any home. Intended to give all-around warmth, this versatile heater is ideal for little to fair sized rooms and offers unrivaled all-around room warmth. Outfitted with various safety modes, this compact heater has an extraordinary wellbeing motion sensor that close off the heater when an object is excessively close.

Ceramic technology, oscillation and steady warmth settings guarantee dispersing all through the room. The digital top-mounted controls on this Honeywell tower heater have time settings for one, two, four and eight hours making it simple to set the perfect temperature.

4.Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater

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Whether you are hoping to warm the garage while working in it, or on the off chance that you basically need to add supplemental or extra warmth to a room in your home, this Lasko 6405 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater might be the best energy efficient room heater for your needs.

This warmer is staggeringly simple to utilize. At the point when you remove it from its container, you will see that there is no set up that is required. An oscillating feature is incorporated into the structure of this heater. You can decide to turn off this operation if you wish, in any case, the oscillatory motion enables warmth to be spread all through the whole room.

Remote control is incorporated with the goal that you will have the option to operate the heater from any area around the room. A timer is incorporated and you can set up the heater to turn off after a specific measure of time. You have the alternative of picking between low, high and auto settings when you are setting up the heater for each utilization making it very energy saving space heater. Programmed overheat protection guarantees that this heater won’t overheat and thus, the parts won’t destroy rapidly.


  • A timer allows you to turn off the heater automatically.
  • The user can choose the operating temperature.
  • This heater quickly heat up the room.
  • The oscillatory feature allows the heat to be more evenly dispersed.
  • It is very attractive heater in your home with comparison to other space heater models.
  • Simple setup and operation.


  • This heater cools down very quickly when it is turned off.

5.COSTWAY Oil Filled Heater

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Costway gives you a productive room heater with thermostat to suit the requirements of your smaller rooms. It is a generally minimal unit that can bolster up to 700 watts. This implies it will affect apartments or small workplaces throughout the winter. You can pick the heating level. Be cautious, particularly with kids, on the grounds that the fins heat up rapidly. Consequently, it may be acceptable to move it once it chills off.

As the title recommends, it is smaller than different models, having measurements at just 5.5 x 12 x 14 inches and weighing at 8.6 pounds, which means it ought to be less cumbersome. There’s a front convey handle formed into it, making it simple to move around and energy efficient space heater.


  • Compact and portable.
  • Quickly heats up the room.
  • Built in Thermostat.
  • Available in a 700W or 1500W model.
  • Automatic power off.


  • No economy setting in any model.
  • 700W model struggles with large rooms.

6.De’Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater

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This room heater with thermostat resembles more like a flat screen TV rather than a heater however don’t let that bonehead you. It’s an inventive kind of heater that works extraordinary and gives you pleasant warmth in any room of your house it’s put in. It is a duel setting heater which will provide you many heating choices making it best portable heater for home.

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This mica board radiator can radiate heat all through any room that is 300 square feet or less without much of a stretch. It gives two energy modes to brows; 750 watts and 1500 watts. At 1500 watts it will deliver more than 5100 BTU’s of warmth. With its special mica panel structure, it normally emanates heat without requiring an additional fan inside.

You get numerous choices to the extent with the Delonghi Mica Panel Heater as well. As a matter of first importance, this energy efficient portable heater just weighs a little more than 10 pounds which makes it very convenient. Adding to that convey ability is its caster wheels. The caster wheels can also be removed and it can be mounted on a divider as well.


  • 5100 BTU’s of Heat 1500 watts
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Wall mountable by removing wheels
  • Fanless/Quiet operation


  • Caster wheels can mark up some types of bare floors.
  • The back side gets really hot.

7.Unique Heat 1500-Watt Electric Infrared Room Space Heater

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This is a brilliant heater that has a fan for heat appropriation. Indeed, even with the fan operating, this space heater is calm when it is being used. The heater is amazing at 1500 watts and a BTU yield of about 5,200. It has an indoor regulator with a temperature scope of between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit which will be more than satisfactory for most of the homes making it whole house electric heater.

There are three temperature settings with the Unique Heat Infrared Home & Office Whole Room Space Heater between 1 and 20 and you can either work in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The space heater has an operation life of 80,000 hours which is noteworthy. It accompanies a 6 feet in length electrical cord for connecting to a standard outlet.

Another great element is the sterilized and humid air usefulness. The producers have licensed innovation in this heater which guarantees that the air in the room doesn’t become dry when it is being used. The humidity level of the air will continue as before. There is a timer and the unit is lightweight making it simple to haul around.


  • Better heat distribution.
  • Excellent temperature control in room.
  • Air stabilization.


  • Expensive

8.Tenergy 900W/1500W PTC Ceramic Heater

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The Tenergy is really great being such a compact heater. Like every ceramic heater, you won’t have to wait once turned on for warmth to come out of this thing.

The indoor regulator on this heater works quite well and will power on/off the heater to keep up the room temperature where set and there is a safety feature that will close off the radiator on the off chance that it gets excessively hot during its usage. For such a compact radiator (10.6wx9.8hx5.3d), this does truly place out a decent amount of warmth in a normal sized room.

Generally speaking, an incredible ceramic warmer that is entirely convenient, simple to utilize and work and should work anyplace you may require it to. With the build nature of this and the basic knobs, this should keep going for a couple of winters.


  • 2-year warranty with lifetime support
  • Compact portable size.
  • Can easily adjust fan angle.
  • Energy saving electric heater.
  • Automatic power-off feature.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Modern design.


  • Has a loud whine at first.
  • Need to be mindful so as not to place anything excessively near it.


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